Arriving in Placencia

We decided to start the new year off with a bang and head out at around 2am on January 1, 2015 for Placencia. We flew through the United Stated and arrived to a very empty Belize International Airport.

From Belize City we flew on a Cessna Caravan for about 45 minutes to Placencia. The pilot was very competent (or at lease confident) as he flew through thick cloud with any apparent navigation aids and descended into Placencia without issue. His attitude was more like a TTC bus drives than pilots as one would typically perceive.


Out of nowhere appeared a short, virtually dirt runway, the lagoon to the right was likely dredged purely to provide enough packing for the runway surface. The pilot slowed the plane down from approach speed to near stall in a matter of seconds, he must have gone full flap, with a full load. We heard the stall horn,then the rubber chirping and even had some runway to spare after all said and done!

Here we would take a short cab ride to the Mooring base and meet up with my family and embark on a 10 day charter on a 42.3 ft Beneteau mono-hull. Most of the provisioning was done at this point but later that evening we still headed into town to the market for Belikin beer and other various supplies.