Dolphins in Pelican Cayes

While tied up on one of the mooring balls in Pelican Cayes, we were fortunate enough to see dolphins and they even decided to swim with us.

Pelican Cayes is a series of mangrove cayes, which is relatively difficult to enter, but once you are in you have a mooring ball in 50 feet of water, which is surprisingly deep for not being part of a main channel. Pelican Cayes is a protected area and provides a spawning area for many species of fish that inhabit these waters. While snorkeling here I saw schools of thousands of tiny fish (which is probably also a good reason the dolphins are in this area) as well as juveniles of many common Caribbean species including sergeant majors, ocean surgeons, various blennies, angelfish and more. I even saw a very small moray, which was interesting as we so often see large ones.

Once we started our engine to raise the anchor it seemed to attract the dolphins closer to our yacht and although the propeller being between the rudder and the keel did not pose a major threat, we proceeded with caution. The dolphins seems to be attracted first by the hum of the engine and then secondly by the ensuing bow wave. I thought there were 3, one calf, who I think eventually could not keep up and all 3 stayed behind in Pelican Cayes while we carried on to Placencia.