Re-stocking in Dangriga

About halfway through this trip we realized we were getting low on beer and other supplies so we crossed the channel to visit Dangriga, also known as Stann Creek. The creek being  a major landmark and where we entered into the town.

We were clearly the only tourists there and several of the locals were quite ready to help. One older rasta man offered to watch our dinghy while we continued into town. Another was helpful in carrying boxes back to the dinghy, both of which we tipped in the coveted USD. We never felt unsafe, although evening could be quite different that the daytime. To our amazement we were not able to purchase any water of any quantity, let alone the 5 gallon jugs we had obtained in Placencia at the market. In Dangriga there was a market but they claimed to be out due to New Year’s eve. although we were near a week past New Year’s at this point, I guess they party hard in the Caribbean.

The locals both spoke and wrote in patois, which was evident on the street signs and package labels, “Maya’s Luumba Yaad” or “Da Fi Wi Chikin”.