The Placencia Peninsula

Placencia is a short commuter flight from Belize City International Airport and once we arrive a quick taxi will take us to the Mooring and to our new home for the next 10 days. Essentials are available here and we plan to eat and drink at one of the many local restaurants although we will have an early start in the AM as we embark on our journey.

You can read more at The Moorings charter company is located on the south end of the peninsula where they have several finger docks. This is most likely the most  close quarters sailing we will do on our trip. This might also be our last chance for supplies etc. before we head out to the atolls. We have confirmed there is a market here for provisioning and have also determined there are the following restaurants in Placencia (note on some charts and literature it is also spelt “Placentia”).

Mojo Lounge & Bartique
Dawn’s Grill N Go
Rumfish y Vino on Main St. (Eclectic)
Pickled Parrot (American)
The Shak
Yoli’s (American)
Crow’s Nest (American/Carribean)
J-Byrds (Late Night)
Tipsy Tuna (International)

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