Visiting Hatchet Caye

Virtually our first stop on this trip was at Hatchet Caye. It took us most of the day to sail here and we took the long route via Victoria Channel to avoid the shallower water directly between Hatchet Caye and Placencia.

Once we arrived we called over on VHF to register our mooring buoy for the next 2 nights and informed our contact Dasha that we had arrived for our scheduled scuba diving the following day. If the weather co-operated we had made arrangements to visits Glover’s Atoll, which was about another 20nm at least from Hatchet Caye out in to the Caribbean Sea.

On Hatchet Caye there is a private resort, basically the entire island but charterers are welcome to use the showers for a fee or the restaurant/bar area and of course the dive shop. The operation was named “Pirate Reef Divers” we are not sure why and probably should have asked, perhaps there is buried treasure in the vicinity, but if there was why would they tell tourists about it? There was an abundance of pelicans here who never had to work to hard to catch fish, there was some good snorkeling to the south of the island which also attracted day trips from Placencia.

We noted a sign that “water and electricity are like gold on Hatchet Caye”, no doubt, but there was not shortage of supply at the Lionfish Grill, where yes you could order Lionfish prepared in a variety of ways. If you read on you will hear about us spearing lionfish the following day using a large Hawaiian sling to spear them with!